How Prominent NYC Dentist Dr. Michael Krochak Recommends Improving Your Smile

Dr. Michael Krochak

February 3, 2021

How Prominent NYC Dentist Dr. Michael Krochak Recommends Improving Your Smile

According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry national survey, Americans place a high value on their smiles, and Dr. Michael Krochak is on a mission to ensure that Americans continue to keep proudly smiling.

Specializing in general, cosmetic and implant dentistry, Dr. Michael Krochak was voted one of New York’s Top Dentists of 2019 by, and is both the Director of the NYC Smile Spa, an innovative dental practice, and the Founder & Director of the New York Dental Phobia and Treatment Center, where he seeks to help patients overcomes the fear of dental visits and procedures.

Dr. Michael Krochak: Brush Often — Don’t Risk Your Health

Having been one of the hardest years in history, with dental offices intermittently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been one of the easiest years to ignore dental hygiene, something Krochak is resolute to help Americans correct, both at home and in the dentist chair.

Poor dental hygiene is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, cancers, and GI issues, so above all, Dr. Krochak recommends brushing at least twice per day, while flossing at least once per day, bedrocks of strong oral health.

Secondly, the positive effects of implants cannot be overstated, and Dr. Krochak, with his staff at NYC Smile Spa, utilizes cutting-edge titanium Dental Implant Solutions to provide necessary stimulation for bone growth and health, thus avoiding the need for removable dentures or partial dentures, particularly with respect to senior citizens.

Maintaining a Stunning Smile — Even During Lockdowns

Lastly, Dr. Krochak encourages routine dental cleaning and checkups, as many dental issues go untreated due to silent effects. Extended periods between checkups make underlying conditions more complex and expensive over time, which is why Dr. Krochak encourages making appointments as soon as patients’ dental offices are engaging in normal operations.

Dental issues also go untreated due to dental phobia, and for those suffering from any type of dental phobia, Dr. Michael Krochak and the staff at the Dental Phobia Treatment Center of New York use systematic desensitization, a controlled form of exposure therapy that gradually breaks down the pervasive fears associated with dental procedures.

Says Krochak, “We have determined that gradual exposure to the dental process in a welcoming, relaxing environment is the best way to defuse your fears and anxieties,” and he hopes that this type of practice will help patients see their dentists more often, improving their smiles that they value so much in the process.

Dental Injections Shouldn’t Be Painful, Says Dr. Michael Krochak

Additionally, Dr. Krochak helped research and develop a computerized painless dental injection system called, “The Wand,” a revolutionary painless injection device that eliminates the need for hypodermic syringes, themselves a significant cause of dental phobia.

With over 30 years as a general, cosmetic, and implant dentist in Manhattan, and having been featured on Fox 5’s “Good Day New York” and NBC’s “Today Show,” as well as in Newsday, New York Post, The Boston Globe, Esquire, American Health, Elle and Vogue, Dr. Michael Krochak has positioned himself at the forefront of modern dentistry. Krochak has extensive experience with bleaching, porcelain veneers, Invisalign orthodontics, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain inlays, cosmetic periodontal treatment, and more, while also utilizing expertise in Botox and dermal fillers.

NYC Smile Spa is located in Manhattan at 30 E 60th Street, Suite 1200, and is maintaining limited hours and staff, as well as socially distanced accommodations, to put patients’ minds at ease during this difficult period. Besides standard sterilization and disinfection protocols, Smile Spa is also disinfecting common surfaces such as doorknobs, closet handles, coffee machines, etc throughout the day to maintain a safe environment. For more information, contact Dr. Michael Krochak at, or (212) 838-2900.