Dr. Michael Krochak Shares 4 Ways Advanced Technology is Being Used to Improve Your Dental Health

Dr. Michael Krochak

February 9, 2021

Dr. Michael Krochak Shares 4 Ways Advanced Technology is Being Used to Improve Your Dental Health

Not everyone likes going to the dentist. This can be for a variety of reasons, but what most consumers are unaware of is that today, dental practices are utilizing widely available technologies that will not only improve dental health but could also address dental phobia, a condition that affects nearly 40 million Americans. 

Manhattan dentist Dr. Michael Krochak is at the forefront of curbing dental phobia, founding NYC Smile Spa to improve patients’ dental health, while also addressing their mental health. Dr. Krochak is committed to using the latest proven equipment and methods to provide the highest level of dental care to patients.

1. Painless Injections

One thing most Americans can agree on is that they do not like needles. However, Dr. Krochak has helped develop a revolutionary painless injection device that eliminates the need for hypodermic syringes. Called “The Wand,” its computer-controlled local anesthesia injection system can provide a nearly painless injection, eviscerating patient anxieties associated with needles. The result? No more pain, no more needles, and better teeth! 

2. New Ways to Soak Up Some (X)Rays

Standard X-rays have become cumbersome and tedious, using large equipment that sometimes requires discomfort from patients. However, astonishing new technology has afforded dentists the ability to use digital x-rays that are taken with much less radiation and immediate processing. The images show us what can’t be seen clinically similar to the standar x-rays.Having this technology at patients’ disposal allows them to better understand potential dental conditions and to make more informed decisions regarding their dental health. This prevents large discomfort and anxiety.

Invisalign Invisible Braces

We have all heard of Invisalign; Clear plastic removable braces created via digital imaging that constructs dental outlines to enact steady, imperceptible orthodontic force, slowly moving teeth into a new position without the use of metal braces or wires. But are they as effective as traditional braces? According to Dr. Michael Krochak, “For 95% of the cases, yes it is! The obvious first [advantage is that] of wearing clear removable trays to move your teeth, as opposed to fixed metal braces.” Given the removable nature of Invisalign, this is also beneficial for flossing, something impeded by standard metal braces.

Not all Implants Are Created Equal

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, or, if multiple teeth are missing and sufficient bone exists, be used as a permanent dental bridge for multiple implants. Dr. Krochak and the staff at NYC Smile Spa utilize cutting-edge titanium Hybridge Dental Implant Solutions to provide necessary stimulation for bone growth and health. Says Krochak, “People who have dental implants report better ability to chew food and eat properly, renewed confidence while speaking and higher self-esteem.” For customers looking for full-mouth restoration, adopting the use of implants can stop the seemingly endless cycle of individual tooth repairs. 

 Improve Your Dental Health While Putting Mental Health Concerns At Ease

Specializing in general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry, Dr. Michael Krochak was voted one of New York’s Top Dentists of 2021 by NYTopDocs.com. With over 30 years of experience in Manhattan, Krochak has positioned himself at the forefront of modern dentistry, while also positioning himself as a champion for overcoming dental phobia